The trend of metal processing

A metal processing industry, raw material prices.

The trend of metal processing,Bathroom hardware prices in the fourth quarter of 2007 the wave of rising and then rose slightly again in early March 2008. Beginning in 2007, the international price of copper rose 66%; London Futures Exchange copper prices starting from the initial $1800 / ton rose to 7300 U.S. dollars / ton, rose beyond 300%; price of stainless steel production the hardware processing of nickel and other metal materials are greatly increases; in 2008 May, ceramic enterprises have to raise prices, the average price for the 8.6% China domestic market, hardware processing. The emergence of local shortage; Baosteel and the world’s major iron ore producers of the Rio Tinto 2008 annual benchmark iron ore prices have reached agreement PB, Rio Tinto ore powder, Yang Di powder ore, PB ore in 2007 year on the basis of the price rose 79.88% in 79.88% and 96.5%, This result is the domestic iron and steel enterprises to an important juncture… These figures can be said to be shocking, metal processing industries the price of raw materials in the growing, high prices of hardware products will be not at all surprising.

The trend of metal processing

Have the raw materials and labor costs in manufacturing tools and hardware processing cheap advantage over the years in China as the world’s largest steel producing country and the most populous country in the world. In recent years, the export has maintained a steady growth trend, make our country has become one of the world’s leading importer of tools and hardware processing products. But with the state’s macroeconomic control policy since last year, the main raw materials for steel prices rose sharply, the country reduced import tax rebate rate, and the influence of the international situation, the RMB appreciation from time to time, coupled with the 2008 “Labor Contract Law > implementation of labor brought increased interest, with the Shanghai manufacturing industry gradually deteriorated and the impact on labor dense metal processing industry is particularly significant.The trend of metal processing, The development trend of the domestic hardware industry is not optimistic, and even can be said to be more severe.

The trend of metal processing

nearly seven years, the state of the hardware industry market

China metal products industry sales revenue increased year by year, the growth rate maintained at 14% above, the size of the market in 2006 sales revenue from time to time expand. The industry reached 812 billion 352 million yuan, a growth rate of 29.39%, nearly seven years. Compared with the market size in 2000 expanded 2.62 times. The domestic economy and industry advance rapidly, a large number of hardware parts demand, market to expand the scale. In the metal products industry sales rate remained in the industrial standard value of more than 96%, nearly seven years.

The trend of metal processing

In 2006 hardware industry comparative analysis of state industry segments

Metal products industry includes 9 major segments of the industry. In 2006, the number of metal products industry enterprises reached 14828. In addition, the number of structural metal products industry enterprises reached 4199, the occupation of the metal products industry 28.31%, according to the “national economic industry classification standard. > ranked first in various industry segments; the building, safe manufacturing metal products, metal products accounted for the entire industry 13.33%, stainless steel and daily metal products manufacturing and metal tool manufacturing industry is only 32, accounted for 12.44% and 12.22%. metal products industrial enamel products manufacturing enterprises minimum number is 198, accounted for the entire industry 1.34%. China metal products industry market size reached 812 billion 352 million yuan, the structural metal products accounted for a market share of 29%, slightly higher than in 2006. The number of enterprises accounted for. Ceramic products manufacturing industry accounted for only 1.09%. of the entire metal products industry,The trend of metal processing.

the domestic competition internationalization is the metal processing industry in China development trend over the next few years.

1, China as the world’s hardware manufacturing center in the middle of the status will be further stability
China has become the world’s most dynamic economic region. China Economic facilities more perfect, along with the rapid rise of China into the world economy and the accelerated process of economic strength. The property development relatively immature and low labor costs, has a comparative advantage in manufacturing is in the middle of the world metal processing, metal processing and manufacturing export-oriented compared with the characteristics of the development of the domestic market. More than sales growth rate; the main electrical hardware products in full bloom, strengthen the status of the first said the overall increase in imports of hardware products in recent years: the growth rate of imports of the main hardware products were higher than the output growth rate. Not only power tools, hand tools, building hardware products, the conservative the imported products increase is very high, but the growth rate of import before half the proportion of imported kitchen electric products and sanitary products in 2004 is also very obvious The great market and the central position of gravity will further attract hardware multinational manufacturing center to China’s transfer, the trend of metal processing.
2, the cooperation between enterprises will be strengthened
In order to get help and improve the competitive position of competitiveness, the world competition situation. Property capital is another theme industry operation. In 2004 SUPOR, Vatti has listed Hongbao for listing positive efforts, Vanward’s capital market operation will not stop because of the failure of reorganization and Guangdong Meiya. The trend of metal processing from the capital perspective, the main characteristics of current capital expansion in the competition intensified. From the perspective of resource sharing, cooperation between enterprises is increasing.
3, the north south polar decomposition will be further intensified
A direct consequence of this kind of high speed shock brought is the result of expanding trend decomposition processing hardware kitchen brand camp south of the Arctic.
4, the competition among sales channels is also a day of intense
The quality of the pressure increases, because the domestic metal processing kitchen products. Sales channels has become one of the pile up in excess of requirement key competitive factors, the parties to the channel for a day to fierce. On the one hand, electric kitchen manufacturers to strengthen the control of the retail terminal, and strive to reduce the marketing chain, save the cost of sales, the sales channels to the professional direction the development of enterprise sales model can also adapt the market towards the direction of development. On the other hand, the development trend of the industry sales of large home appliances chain stores position rise, the ability to control the industry by strong participation and triggered by the manufacturer before the main leading price competition. Large retailers adhering to their broad market coverage sell, scale and cost advantages, product pricing, payment settlement and other aspects of the ability to control the production of enterprises will be enhanced day by day.
5, the market competition will shift to high – quality, high – tech products
Each stage of metal processing industry chain profit margins are compressed, the price of space to reduce day by day. More and more enterprises recognize that price competition alone can not establish the core competitiveness, not long-term development direction, so as to explore a new path of development. Many hardware enterprises to increase investments in technology, research and development of new have high tech products, product differentiation as a business development and plan, to seek new market demand, the establishment of a new economic growth point (such as small appliances and other similar industries), with the depth of competition. In order to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises.
6, the integration of domestic and foreign enterprises will further accelerate
Rapidly expanding the international market, the domestic metal processing enterprises in order to improve their own strength. Will accelerate through various means and foreign enterprise integration to improve the quality of products, improve competitiveness. Continue to expand the United States, Japan and other traditional markets at the same time, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Russia and Ross, will be in full bloom.

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