Innovative Research On Metal Cutting Technology In Machinery Manufacturing

Innovative research on metal cutting technology


The development of modern machinery manufacturing industry, more and more new technology and new process in machinery manufacturing can be widely used, and play a very important role,. In current machinery manufacturing process, in order to make metal cutting technology can be better applied, its role and value better play, it is very important to innovate, it can better meet process requirements and needs, to provide better support for CNC Service China.

In process of continuous development, it is necessary to improve level of machinery manufacturing technology. In the machinery manufacturing, in order to make overall process level can be effectively improved, we should carry out innovation on related technology, one ofthe necessary and important aspects is to carry out CNC Machining China and cutting technology. This paper mainly analyzes innovation of metal cutting technology in mechanical manufacturing, in order to provide better basis and support for realization of metal cutting technology innovation.

Innovative research on metal cutting technology in machinery manufacturing
Innovative research on metal cutting technology in machinery manufacturing


Actual situation of mechanical manufacturing is concerned, the main problem is its technical performance is still lack of comprehensive improvement. For traditional metal cutting technology, main characteristic is stable operation, does not make the production efficiency was improved, showed a clear in actual application of the general, in the process of metal cutting lid, speed of 2012 m/min, peed for some enterprise with larger metal production, and does not produce ideal results.


The thin metal and ultrafine metal materials appear constantly, lead to metal cutting technology in practical application is limited by a certain, can’t make better guarantee of the cutting force, resulting in thin metal and ultrafine damage in the process of cutting, at the same time, for some of the smaller metal, use of traditional technology is also unable to precision cutting.

Innovative research on metal cutting technology in machinery manufacturing


application of metal cutting tools

When the actual process of metal cutting, if knife before cutting, this case will be a part of the gauge in a relatively short working arm, leading to metal cutting equipment will be bending condition, and slip line will show is raised, finally result of for cutting will there is a big difference between the top and the bottom, has led to bending of metal fracture occurs. Therefore, in process of metal cutting, the need for a reasonable application of cutting tool, for its strength and direction of all aspects of factors should be fully reasonable grasp, in order to avoid the above situation, also can make the metal cutting better, the cutting quality and level can be effectively improved.

coating application in metal cutting technology

The most important and concerned is physical coating, through coating structure innovation, to promote use of crafts and furnace frequency increase. In the situation of rapid development of modern society and economy, people’s requirements on metal cutting technology innovation are also rising. In this case, different types of coating knife to appear.prompting tae and rapid development of industries, and use of coating in the metal cutting technology, the cutting knife of favorable toughness and have very good role in promoting, on this point, the relevant staff should strengthen attention. and for coating should carry out reasonable application,
metal cutting technology innovation can be better realized.

Innovative research on metal cutting technology in machinery manufacturing


extend the limit

Mainly is the judgment of the metal was damaged time, formula for calculating formula is as follows: in this formula the z (x) bending degree value, MA said in point z and strength with the x value, AWAC said radius length, using a formula that can be generated by shear stress calculation in the process of cutting, the cutting broken have possessed conditions is numerical, shear stress and bending radian cantilever ,Liang Sanzhe between product and distance between the middle point, using the above calculations value, can also will be turning force numerical calculation.

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