CNC Plastic Machining

CNC Plastic Machining

CNC Plastic Machining,Industrial plastics processing and fabrication are fast becoming a competitive market and having the best equipment and skillset are vital in the delivery of high-quality products. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) uses computer-aided design (CAD) to develop shapes using numbers as coordinates. CNC is a practical implementation of 3D modelling and uses the X, Y and Z axis to control machine movements making it possible for the design to be modelled into a 3D object.
Our team of experienced engineers and machinists make use of this technology in creating customized plastic shapes.

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CNC plastic machining, can be executed in different processes which include but not limited to; CNC Milling, CNC routing and CNC Cutting.
CNC plastic machining provides solutions for a broad range of industries. The following are a few examples of industries which rely heavily on CNC machining
Automotive Industry
Most components in an automotive are made of engineered plastics. Car dashboards, arm rests, door handles and thousands of other components, individual and complete are products of CNC machining.
CNC machining is detailed, accurate and reliable hence the preference by automobile manufacturers.
Building and Construction Industry
Building and construction industry uses a wide variety of thermoformed parts. Lighting components, shower stalls, door locks and knobs and vent covers among others all fall under thermoformed plastic parts. Plastic is preferred because they have a high degree of versatility and flexibility and allow precise modelling.
Traditionally, formworks were produced using an intricate system of molds to come up with desired designs. This manual process was both tiresome and time-consuming. In this age, CNC machining is used to produce formworks. Our machines are multi-axis performance enable, tuned with high precision and with automated tools changeover for perfect Machining of plastic into formworks.
Skylights are also products of CNC Machining which when made manually, are prone to errors alongside being time-consuming.
CNC Plastic Machining, in general, is much more convenient as it reduces by a significant margin, the cost of production of any items while minimizing the time frame and increasing the levels of precision.

cnc plastic machining

Continued research on precision machining
Most Businesses have in this modern age considered and moved to replace metal with plastic. Though metals may be design appropriate, plastics have been found to be more design-appropriate, and the decision to retain metal or replace with plastic mostly depends with the end-use of an application although modern thermoplastics have been designed to replicate the strengths metals possess and without any precedented drawbacks.
Replacing metal with plastic does have a few advantages:
Lower overall cost
Minimal Maintenance
Minimum Noise and Vibrations
Simple Designs
Reduced Weight
High Energy Efficiency
The listed benefits of plastic make CNC Machined Plastics to offer more strength, rigidity and impact resistance than most metals. For this reason, most transportation application have ditched metals for plastic
For years, we’ve providing accustomed CNC Machining products for our customers who have always marveled for our expertise and mastery of the CNC machining processes and we are ready to help your transition from metal to plastic today.
For more information on our CNC Machining processes and capabilities, contact us today. Or to begin your fabrication process with us.