CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Machining offers a variety of precision machining services to ensure you have the unique parts you desire.

The machine uses a cutting tool that can move in all three dimensions, removing small parts of a material until the desired shape is achieved. We are specialized in short and medium production runs, prototyping of single parts and making customized order arrangements with constant pre-planned releases. The machining device has a 10,000 pound lifting capacity and can handle even the largest threading, cutting, tapping, countersinking and parting tasks. We offer CNC laser cutting solutions to a various businesses and individuals ranging from those in the energy, medical, government, manufacturing and aerospace industries.

CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Precision Machining
The CNC laser cutting machine has various precision machining capabilities. It has an entire complement of manual and computerized turning and milling centers. It also has a water jet and laser cutting capabilities together with a wire-EDM. The CNC lathes can be customized to meet the unique and specific applications. It combines them in our CAM/CAD software systems. It has both small and large capabilities. In the machining department, through the use of the software, we can download client drawing files remotely, and it improves the effectiveness of out machining capabilities. This has been beneficial to us as it has minimized the cots-per-piece and has led to smaller turnaround times. This was not the case with previous technologies.
Additionally, we also have a substantial offering of five-sided milling capabilities and Simultaneous Five-Axis Machining. This creates an opportunity to build parts with complex geometries and shapes at the lowest price possible. This form of precision machining is quite accurate and leads to a smooth surface finish if it is required.

cnc laser cutting

Continued research on precision machining
Our goal is to achieve consistent and efficient machining. We always try to ensure our clients have a trusted service and excellent value for the products purchased. This would require us to be updated and informed on new processes by applying emerging technology in the industry. We have established a capital investment strategy that supports continued research and design in computerized machine tools and other leading edge technologies. For instance, we have been engaged in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology. Through the use of EDM, our customers can make orders from smaller, delicate to highly intricate pieces. They can receive their orders, without any defects or burrs, improving on out efficiency. Through the use of processes and methods that minimize the number of setups, the customers gain from the increased efficiency leading to lower costs and faster turnaround.
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We are dedicated to providing a smooth and highly advanced precision machining. Whether you require fixtures, gages, jigs, complex components or modifying or repairing parts, we have the expertise and experience to offer you the high-quality results you want. If you need reverse engineering, precision machining, prototyping, fabrication, machine building and rebuilding, we can guarantee that we will be your reliable partner in success. If you want to get in touch, click on the button below and provide all the required information. Our customer services representative will get back to you regarding your machining requirements. We can handle all of your CNC lacer cutting requirements.