Casting copper’s elements


Casting copper’s elements

Casting copper’s elements.Copper casting process steps and matters needing attention? What is the copper casting process flow? When it comes to “what is the copper casting process flow?” the question, let us to know what is a cast copper. So-called cast copper has two meanings, a kind of means with bronze casting (objects), another is a kind of zinc copper.

The process of copper casting mainly lost wax casting method. The copper casting process flow including the clay sculpture, plaster abrasive, making resin prototype making, finishing resin body, make the silicon rubber mold, make a prototype of paraffin wax, paraffin wax prototype modification, sand mould (ceramic shell) production, casting, casting finishing products and processing, surface treatment and protection effect. Then we to detail “copper casting process flow is how?” the question.


  • cast copper
  • The advantage of gravity casting in comparison to sand casting is that we achieve a better surface finish, and the mechanical properties are much better. It arises from the increased cooling speed that is common in gravity casting. We also have process controls. It entails the use of quality data and set-up records to guarantee the reduction of set-up times for castings and consistent production. We also have an in-house tool room. This allows for constant maintenance of the device and modifications. Furthermore, breakdowns ca be handled in-house, reducing the machine’s downtime. We have an excellent quality system, and every personnel is committed to providing high quality. If you require critical components, then we can provide dye penetrant, pressure testing and X-ray.

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cast copper

Casting copper’s elements,Copper casting process steps and matters needing attention? Say “what is the copper casting process flow?” before our first cast copper under the material:,,
1, red copper, namely pure copper. The national standard (96 #), the plastic is wonderful, appropriate forging process. If not join other casting metal did not.,,
2, brass: the main composition of copper, zinc, aluminum, very small amounts of tin, national standards (62 #, 63 #). Features a good casting processing performance and corrosion resistance. Suitable for precision casting, color stability.,,
3, bronze: the main composition of copper, tin, very small amounts of aluminium, zinc, national standards (38 #). Have good casting processing performance, strong acid, alkali, salt, corrosion resistance, suitable for precision casting, color stability.,

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Casting copper’s elements
“What is the copper casting process flow” know that we said the cast copper process features:,
1, for large quantity, small batch, or even individual production are very suitable for, sometimes even no difference between the cost of production. Don’t need to very complex mechanical equipment, mould processing scheme is flexible.,
2, size precision can achieve best nominal size of 5 ‰, roughness level for Ra0.8 3.2 mu m. to greatly reduce the workload of subsequent machining. Under the condition of near net shape even net shape, mechanical processing almost all be cancelled. The reasonable design of a single casting can sometimes instead of multiple parts of equipment which can include the common casting, machining, stamping, forging, injection molding, sheet metal, etc.,
3, suitable for most of the casting alloy, including all kinds of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, nickel alloy, cobalt alloy, titanium alloy, bronze, brass, aluminum alloy, etc. And its overall treatment effect is stable, especially suitable for difficult to forging, welding, mechanical processing of materials.

Had said, “what is the copper casting process flow?” this question, all the bronze cast copper process under experts to the requirements:,
1, wash thoroughly each working procedure, to prevent the residual in the pore solution under the influence of working procedure;,
2, copper casting is the actual surface area many times larger than the calculated surface area, electroplating impact current density is about three times higher than the general parts and in the process of the plating time is also longer than general parts;,
3, copper plating, hanging fixture parts joined always shake once, in order to assure the uniformity of the coating color, prevent the silver plated tinea phenomenon influence coating appearance quality.,
4, silver plated, it must be charged under the groove, the impact of current density on the premise of shaking the workpiece electroplated 5 min, and then into the normal current density.,
5, after passivation treatment to strengthen cleaning, silver plated at 10 ~ 20 min, flow of clean water to wash with hot water and dry immediately, oven temperature can be controlled 100 ~ 150 ℃, time is a bit longer, to prevent mildew.

“What is the copper casting process flow?” everyone know that we said to suppress the film in the copper casting process flow under the attention points:,
1, in order to ensure that the film for a period of time can be used, it should make the thickness of the plastic mould has enough, so a plastic mould also should use at least 3 layers of raw rubber. Will raw rubber overlying good original should make the film as a whole after slightly bigger than the molding box, and the width slightly larger (able to press hard into the molding box), the film thickness after pressure into the molding box slightly higher than the flat box body about 2 mm.,
2, to ensure that the raw rubber and there is no gap between the original. Should be careful when the landfill raw rubber, especially for some small pattern and vice stone set bottom hole and other microscopic pore mouth, must fill with scrawled colloidal particles, with sharp objects (such as tweezers tip) pressure.,
3, die must pay attention to preheat, first add the has been shipped it would produce rubber molding box, screw the handle make the heating plate compression molding box, sulfide can check whether the heating plate compaction, early vulcanization time quickly take out the plastic mold.,,

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