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  • the-trend-of-metal-processing

    Innovative Research On Metal Cutting Technology In Machinery Manufacturing

    Innovative research on metal cutting technology Abstract: The development of modern machinery manufacturing industry, more and more new technology and new process in machinery manufacturing can be widely used, and play a very important role,. In current machinery manufacturing process, in order to make metal cutting technology can be better applied, its role and value […]

  • Gear processing steps

    Gear processing steps.

    Gear processing steps. Gear processing steps.First, the machining process of gear Material — forging gear blank into normalizing – Roughing outer circular hole and end face (according to the standard for machining allowance) – quenching and tempering heat treatment (quenching and high temperature tempering) – finishing the outer circle of the inner hole and end […]

  • cnc machining

    Common Material In Machining

    Common Material In Machining It’s generally known that there are lots of common materials used in machining. Using what kind of material depends on real situation. Take 65Mn as an example, this material is perfect for spring while HT150 is not. This kind of thing is like a issue of CNC philosophy. In this article, […]

  • Development Of CNC Machining China

    Development Of CNC Machining China Development Of CNC Machining China,CNC Machining China was established in 1998. It is a factory that provides a cost friendly, precise and quality assured machining services for its customers. Metal and plastic CNC machining parts are available; CNC machining China also handles subsequent processing and sub-assembly job for a client […]

  • Benefit Of CNC Machining Services In China

    benefit of cnc machining services in china CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines have a variety of applications in business and manufacturing. They have often used anywhere from the automated embroidery machines that work by making quick work of embroidery designs, all the way to robotic arms used in automobile manufacturing. Because of their precision, possibly […]

  • Aluminum CNC Machining

    Aluminum CNC Machining

    Aluminum CNC Machining Service Any manufacturing process that uses Computer Numerical Control Machine is referred to as a CNC machining service. The process could be for drilling, routing, cutting was done to fabricate wood, aluminum, foam, and other materials. This manufacturing system uses the advanced automatic computer technology to create products with accuracy and precision. […]

  • online cnc machining

    Online CNC Machining

    Online CNC Machining It always an overwhelming errand for most companies to evaluate the capacity of online CNC machining, company to be assigned in manufacturing the finished products of their construction project. Thus, taking multiple principles into consideration is a must when you weigh up some manufacturers to do the precision machining services including the […]

  • die casting

    What is die casting ?

    What is Die Casting? A – Die casting is a manufacturing process for producing accurately dimensioned, sharply defined, smooth or textured-surface metal parts. Generally speaking, these die or mold cavities are created with hardened tool steel that have been previously machined to the net shape or near net shape of the die cast parts. This […]

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    Let’s get to know CNC

    CNC Precision Machining I make my first point as “CNC Precision Machining is the future”. Because it has numerous features which fit well for the people and their work with machines. What is CNC? Actually CNC is abbreviated as Computer Numerical Control. This means a computer outputs the number from getting the input as designs […]