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  • Overview

    T-artisan (TBS Circuits Co.,LTD) offers one stop shop for all your production metal parts. We produce CNC machined parts, , metal stamping,plastic injection molding, laser cutting, die casting and related services.

    From our tool room to CNC Machining operators, our team are cross-trained to support different areas based on workload so we can maintain workflow.Highly skilled people are the basis of T-artisan’ success, and they make our company unique in the industry. Our reputation grew with each successful project, , enabling us to gradually expand our customer. Now, T-artisan built machines and parts can be found throughout the world.


    T-artisan was founded in 2005 as conventional lathe and milling, we had the opportunity to listen to our customers, provide solutions and grow our business. In 2003 we gradually expand our factory and equipments to adapt to new production requirements and reflect our diverse services.

    Our Mission

    “Actions Speak Louder than Words” – We can say anything ,but at the end of the day not finsh. words are only words if we don’t do what we say.To Deliver Execptional Value to our customers by providing superior solutions through our high skilled people and innovative technology. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and provide high-value solutions, through good communication, trust and performance, In today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, business relationships have become ever more critical to success.You need a strong, growing company who treating customers, employees and suppliers with respect and dignity.

    T-artisan believe delivering exceptional value:

    • Honesty –T-artisan only allows trustworthy people on our team and have no tolerance for dishonesty.
    • Excellent Communication – Proactive communication is expected with our teams and our customers.
    • Skilled Team–Invest in training to develop skilled workers.
    • Saving- Leveraging our experience to streamline customer projects.
    • Respect – You deserve and will be treated with respect when you work with us.
    • Fun –Have fun and enjoy their job, satisfaction with work and life .

    For customers from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Iran, North Korea, Sultan, Cuba, Burma and Argentina, Russia, please pay to below account.


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Meet Us & Our Alter Egos

  • Xian

    — CEO & Founder

    Trust and integrity are critical in forming a bond between the company, vendors, and customers. At t-artisan, I can promise we will go on its’ tradition of trust and integrity.

  • Jet

    — Sales Manager

    It just takes a little bit of time: careful consideration and planning, and resolute implementation, to solve all problems, problems.

  • Zhang

    — Tech Lead

    Concentrate your energy on learning a small matter, and a successful expert; more than you can do to study a lot of things to save time, and to be successful..

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